Benny Hill's remade wet skit

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August 22, 2017
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When Benny Hill first made his classic fireman and hosepipe skit in 1970 the ITV companies had recently switched from black and white to colour transmissions. However, the cameramen went on strike and refused to work with the new color cameras unless they were given a pay raise, so many UK tv series made in 1970 and 1971 had to be shot using the old black and white equipents becase the cameramen were on site and they could not use the colour cameras. Therefore Benny had to shoot this scene originally in black and white....but a few years later he re-shot the scene again in color using a different girl. This clip shows both versions of this skit. The original b&w version was made with 60's UK porn star Sue Bond, and the colour re-made was made with Jenny Lee-Wright.