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I must admit that sometimes in this business you have to be very lucky... I mean VERY LUCKY... so lucky that you want to buy a lottery ticket after you finish a hunt like this... Check out the facts: We was walking between some blocks close to the launch break and I saw this girl walking in our direction. She did not seemed to be in a hurry and when I saw her clothes I knew that I will do anything I am capable off to get her muddy. She was dressed very nicely with high heeled shoes, black pantyhose, satin skirt and a white shirt... So REALLY this kind of girl can ask for anything to get her messy and I will do that (with certain exceptions of course). Anyway... back to the point... I say Hi and I told her that we are lost because in the first moment she did not seemed interested to talk with me... BUT when I told her that I am lost probably she felt pity for me and she stopped... That was enough for me to begin to talk with her and tell her that she is beautiful (I did not lie at all) And I told her who are we and what we want from her... I will stop here and let you discover yourself the reason she agree to step into the mud... BUT it was not money... check the clip out and see how I got into our mud pit this 25 years old classy lady. NOTE: this episode is 13 minutes long and because it\'s shot and encoded in High Definition Video format with 1280x720 screen size, we split the clip in 2 parts to make it easier to download. The p1 contains only the dry part of the update and the p2 the mud part. We also encoded the clip at a lower bit rate at smaller screen size for the guys with a slower connection. If you download the sv clip you will get the whole episode encoded at 2 MBPS and a 960x540 screen size. Enjoy the update. Enjoy the update.
by EuroWAM
April 13, 2017